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Handmade and natural accessories for parents

nursing necklace, amningshalsband

The Tom Björn Story

The little ones like exploring the world even when they are eating. Exploring at this age means poking, pulling, twisting moms clothes, hair, skin, everything reachable. This colorful ecological necklace can be a perfect friend when you breastfeed – it will attract the baby’s attention and keep him or her focused on the eating process. They are made with quite soft yarn or fabric, so it’s nice to touch and the texture will develop his or her fine motor skill – it’s such a fun to touch those chunky beads.


And it is all natural too – unfinished ecological wooden beads and 100% non-toxic cotton – can it get more natural? It is also bite-friendly, so it can be used as a teething toy when the time comes.

Yarn and fabric beads will absorb mommy’s skin smell, so if you give it to a person that will be feeding your baby in your absence and the little one will feel comfortable and calm.

And of course, if you need to keep your little darling busy when caring him or her in a baby sling or baby bjorn – Tom Björn nursing necklaces are indispensable.


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